21 March 2023 7:04 AM GMT


Vaidyaratnam Group aims IPO by 2030; plans major revamp


Vaidyaratnam Group aims  IPO by 2030; plans major revamp


  • The Vaidyaratnam Group is known for following the ashtavaidya tradition
  • The group has direct presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Kochi: Century old Vaidyaratnam Group based at Trissur, Kerala has chalked out 2030 vision to achieve a Rs.500 cr turnover from its operations. The key ingredients of the Vision 2030 included new products and services, renewed focus on Research and Development, expanding the network and special focus on lifestyle diseases.

In line with this, the group is looking to go public by 2030, say some unconfirmed reports.

Ashtavaidyan Dr. Yadu Narayanan Mooss and Ashtavaidyan Dr. Krishnan Mooss, Executive Directors of the group, said Vaidyaratnam has already made a foray into infertility and maternal care. "We have launched the Institute of Fertility and Maternal Care (i-fam) as part of extending our knowledge base to new areas," they said.

The group also plans to enter the area of sports medicine in a big way. "The R&D team is in advanced stages of work in the area of sports medicine. Very soon we will be in a position to make a few announcements in the area," the two doctors belonging to the fifth generation of the illustrious Thaikkattussery Mooss family said.

"We are also planning the spatial expansion in the coming days. The group has direct presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We have identified a few more locations in the north and west regions," Dr. Krishnan said.

Stressing the importance of an integrated and holistic system of healthcare, the two doctors said people belonging to the younger generation are becoming more aware of the ayurveda system of healthcare. "We are receiving youngsters, especially professionals in the fields of IT and management, seeking help in areas that are generally associated with lifestyle issues," said Dr. Yadu. Apart from diabetics we have also noticed increasing incidence of hypertension, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome amongst the youngsters, he added. The ayurveda system is having efficient remedies for these ailments.

The focus of the group will be treatment and prescription-based medicines, the two doctors said, "We are not planning to enter into the wellness segment of the ayurveda. Our competence is in the area of quality of treatment and medicines. We will focus on these areas with renewed vigour on research and development," they added.

As in the case of infertility and maternal care we have identified several other areas with good potential for using our knowledge base and expertise. "Some of these areas are in various stages of research and it would be too early to make any comments," Dr. Krishnan said.

The Vaidyaratnam Group is known for following the ashtavaidya tradition, unique to the Kerala system of ayurveda practice. The ashtavaidya system is based on the Ashtangahridayam, a classic Sanskrit treatise on healthcare.

The Ashtangahridya text elucidates eight areas linked to the healthcare requirement of the people. The areas are the following;

1. Kaya:General medicine

2. Bala: Pediatrics including obstetrics

3. Graha: Psychological disorders

4. Urdhvanga: Diseases of the head (eyes, ears, nose, throat and teeth)

5. Shalya: Surgery and treatment for external injuries

6. Damshtra: Toxicology (treatment for poisoning, snake and insect bites)

7. Jara: Geriatrics and rejuvenation

8. Vrisha: Aphrodisiacs and treatment for sterility

The initiatives planned to be put into practice over the next 5-7 years are expected to give a big push to the Rs.500 crore target of the group, the two doctors said. Going forward, to ensure the raw material supply the group is also entering into agreements with farmers of herbal medicines.